Vefa e KEAV

Vefa, a young girl, tells about her holidays at KEAV (Interceltic Camp for Breton Speakers)

Enrollet gant Cédric Choplin e KEAV, Miz Gouere 2022

Reccorded by Cédric Choplin at KEAV, July 2022

CC : Ha perak e plij dit dont da gKEAV ?

Vefa : Peogwir e vez kaozeet brezhoneg, peogwir eo ul lec’h brav hag e plij din tout.

CC : Pell ‘zo e teuez da gKEAV ?

Vefa : Ya.

CC : Kont din un tammig…

Vefa : Pa oan bihan eh aen bep bloaz gant ma zud. Mes daou vloaz ‘m eus c’hwitet abalamour d’ar c’hovid, fin, abalamour d’ar c’hovid, hag ur wech e oa peogwir e oan gant ma *vamm. Hag ivez, ma ger kentañ a oa du-hont, e oa « pesked » gant an akwariomoù.

CC : Penaos ‘ta ?

Vefa : Ma ger kentañ oa pesked peogwir oa akwariomoù gant pesked ba KEAV.

CC : Ha neuze peus kalz plijadur e KEAV ?

Vefa : Ya

CC : Ha kavet peus mignoned ha mignonezed ?

Vefa : Ya.

CC : Mat-tre ! Hag a-benn bloaz e teui en-dro da gKEAV ?

Vefa : N’eo ket sur met d’am soñj ya.

CC : Ya, te peus c’hoant ?

Vefa : Ya.

CC : Ha petra peus graet e KEAV er sizhun-mañ ?

Vefa : Ni zo aet da gampiñ un nozvezh, an deiz war-lerc’h omp aet d’ar poull-neuial, graet meump un emgann-dour, c’hoarioù evel « jago », « Lucky-Luke », hag « un daou tri heol » gant tout ar vugale. Ni hon eus graet aerouantoù-paper, treset hon eus ivez. Graet hon eus c’hoarioù bolotennoù, setu.

CC : Neuze, mat-tre !

Vefa : Ya !

CC : Trugarez vras dit Vefa. Kenavo.

Vefa : Kenavo

CC : Why do enjoy coming to KEAV ?

Vefa : Because Breton is spoken here, because the place is nice, and I enjoy everything.

CC : Are-you used to come to KEAV long ago ?

Vefa : Yes.

CC : Tell me more…

Vefa : As I was little I used to come every year with my parents. But I missed twice because Covid, yes, because of Covid and once I was with my mother. And also, I said there my very first word, it was “fish” by the aquariums.

CC : How ?

Vefa : My first word was fish because there were aquariums with fishes in there.

CC : So you have fun at KEAV ?

Vefa : Yes

CC : And you have met new friends ?

Vefa : Yes.

CC : Very good ! And will you come back next year ?

Vefa : It’s not sure but I think I will.

CC : Would you like to ?

Vefa Yes.

CC : What have you done at KEAV this week ?

Vefa : We went camping one night and the day after we went to the swimming-pool, we had a water-battle, games like “jago”, “Lucky-Luke”, and “one two three, sun” with all the kids. We made paper kites, we drew also. We had ballgames also. That’s it.

CC : Well, very good !

Vefa : Yes !

CC : Thank you Vefa. Bye !

Vefa : Bye !

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